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Blinded by love, princess Valory is running after her precious knight, unaware of the dangerous pits and spikes around her. In this fast-paced platformer, you have to simultaneously control Valory as well as parts of the environment to create a safe path for the princess.

And they lived happily never after...

That’s not what princess Valory had in mind! Just in time, a heroic knight interferes to stop a kidnapping attempt by a nefarious villain. But instead of taking Valory into his arms and living happily ever after, her hero is far more interested in chasing the villain to end their unfinished duel.

Intoxicated with love, Valory sets out to bring back her saviour. And she will not stop running until she gets him. But the lands are full of magical platforms, dangerous traps and deep pits.

In this challenging platformer, your objective is keeping Valory safe from harm. Use parts of the environment like movable platforms, rotatable blocks or teleporters to help Valory through a world of 20 levels and five super challenging bonus levels and bring her closer to her aim.


Various other elements that can be interacted with will be explained when you encounter them during the game.


René KsuzProject Lead, Game Design, Level Design
Magdalena SoukupGraphics, Animations, Level Design, VFX
Gerald Clemens HauzenbergerMusic, Sound Design
Thomas PeintnerLead Programming
Fabian SchmidtProgramming
Eva-Maria Beatrix Grossauer

Special Thanks

Michael Lankes, Wolfgang Hochleitner, Jeremiah Diephuis


valory-1.1.0-setup.exe 130 MB


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Valory - GO AFTER HIM !


Thanks for the video! It was fun watching you play :)

I really appreciate the design of the game, the funny cut-scenes really brought depth to the game.


Thanks :) I'm glad you liked it.